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Climbing Wall activities (Tewkesbury Baptist Church Group & Holy Trinity Church)

Tewkesbury Baptist Church Covenanter Group is a youth group for boys aged 10-14 in the Tewkesbury area.  Holy Trinity Tewkesbury is a Church group for both boys and girls aged 10-18 years old.

Every year local youth groups are invited to Cheltenham College to use the facilities and in particular to make use of the indoor climbing wall. For many of these young people, it is the only opportunity to experience indoor climbing in a safe environment as the cost of commercial indoor walls and instructors is prohibitive.



Dr Gill Ward, a teacher at Cheltenham College, instructs on the climbing wall as one of her College extra-curricular activities.  She is also a volunteer youth worker with several organisations in the Tewkesbury area, so approached the College four years ago to see if she could offer the use of College facilities to these youth groups.


The College allows the use of the indoor climbing wall, climbing equipment and facilities for a nominal charge of £10 per annum to cover liability insurance for the groups.  Dr Ward instructs on these occasions as a volunteer.


Feedback from the group leader:

"It is an excellent facility which has enabled the youngsters to master the basics of climbing in a safe and controlled environment. The coaching is excellent."


This project is ongoing with the climbing wall being used for groups on Friday eveningss throughout the Autumn and Spring terms.