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Children's City of Literature Writing Project

Norwich Lower School has launched an exciting partnership with The Writers Centre Norwich to provide an opportunity for aspiring young creative writers. The initiative called ‘The Children’s City of Literature’ allows children to come together to take part in sessions where they can develop a range of different writing skills, whilst also learning first-hand the social impact of reading and writing. Over 10 weeks children from six schools across Norwich will come together to work collaboratively. At the end of the project the children will be the authors of the city’s first official book, which they will share with audiences at a showcase event in the Norwich School Blake Studio at the end.


To bring children from different schools together.

To share ideas and creativity.

Provide an opportunity for extension of gifted and talented writers.

Increase aspiration to become a writer.


Need for project identified by Franziska Brugger.

Collaboration established with Writers Centre Norwich.




Writers Centre Tutor and volunteers are critical to the success of project.

Use of Norwich Lower School.

Parents/ Carers bringing children to the project.

Financial contribution made by Writers Centre Norwich and Norwich Lower School.



Many emails/ comments about how much the children benefitted from the project.

Each school that took part last year, signed up with excitement this year!

Pupil Involvement

10 children from Norwich Lower School attending.

6 children from Avenue Junior School attending.

Year 5 or 6 children.


Annual project which runs over 10 weeks initially with a celebration event when the book has been printed.