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Chaplaincy School Retreats

The retreats give children an opportunity to explore aspects of their faith in a creative, thought provoking way. Children spend time reflecting and in Chapel thinking about forgiveness, courage, individuality and mercy in an accessible way using films, songs and art. All go home with artwork, worksheets and a souvenir.

The Chapel and facilities are regularly provided for retreat days for local Catholic Schools.


For children to explore their faith in a thought-provoking and enjoyable way. 


The project was the idea of the Lay Chaplain at Mayfield School.  This is the second year of running Primary School retreats.



I.T is used though not critical. The retreat uses school facilities, Chapel, Concert Hall, dining rooms, Hub (cafe for refreshments).  Uses teaching and non teaching staff.  No financial contribution is required from participating schools.

Pupil Involvement

The Lay Chaplain from Mayfield School runs the retreats.  Staff at Mayfield support with escorting, catering and arrangements. Pupils at Mayfield also help with escorting participants. Participants are from Year 6 (10/11).


Day long events for primary schools, annually.