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Bishop's Stortford College Festival of Literature

The Festival of Literature is a weeklong programme, primarily aimed at children, which sees speakers, authors, illustrators, poets, adventurers and more talk and present to an audience about their work and books. Open Events, which take place in the evenings, are open to all members of the public, whilst School Events are open only to local primary or secondary schools.

The Bishop's Stortford College Picture Book Award also features as part of the Festival of Literature and involves local schoolchildren to read and vote for their favourite picture book from a shortlist. The shortlisted authors/illustrators are invited to the College for the awards ceremony which the particpating schools are also invited to attend.



a weeklong Festival of Literature aimed primarily at children. The College actively encourages participation from other local schools.  Several well-known authors took part in storytelling and helping to reach out to children;



To educate children and young people and encourage them to read. The Festival aims to deliver a varied and exciting programme with well-known and interesting speakers.


The Festival of Literature was first introduced in 2009 by Prep School Librarian and Festival Director, Rosie Pike. Since then the Festival has grown year on year and has maintained it's reputation as a friendly, intimate event with an ability to attract well-known speakers.



Pre-Prep Hall, Prep School Hall, Memorial Hall, Ferguson Lecture Theatre, members of staff from across the College campus.

Norfolk Children's Book Centre.  

Pupil Involvement

The Festival involves pupils of all ages from 4-18. Events are organised just for Bishop's Stortford College pupils as well as for local schools and the wider community.



The Festival of Literature is an annual event and usually takes place across one week at the beginning of February.