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Arts Marketing Parnership with Theale Green

Assistance with poster design, printing and marketing of school plays.

Assistance with play days from admissions staff

+ Financed annual year book


Improve promotion of school plays

Assist with the running of the events

Support the production of materials required for events (tickets, posters etc.)


Theale Green is our partnership school and as such we have taken steps to assist with certain aspects of the overall governance and also the day to day activities within the school where they are deemed needed or assistance has been requested.


Staff from admissions department

Budget to cover printing costs

Various external partners who provide services such as printing for the College already


Qualitative assessment in the form of questionaire focusing on post performance analysis looking at areas such as the professionalism, presentation and effectiveness of promotional material in encouraging audience attendance and also their opinion regards the overall presentation of the event.

Cost of resources

Pupil Involvement

Thelae Green play production cast 25 pupils

No Bradfield College pupils involved


Single Event (potential ongoing support)