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Allenbourne Middle School

Ten Canford pupils, working towards their Community Sports Leader award, run games activities on a Monday afternoon throughout the year. Although under the guidance of a Canford teacher, the pupils plan and lead the lessons which include traditional sports (such as netball, rugby, hockey and football). Each session lasts an hour and pupils will be coaching about fifteen young pupils in each group.


Canford approached Allenbourn and offered help.


One Canford teacher is present throughout the session. Nearly all the sessions are based at Allenbourn and use their sports facilities, although sometimes pupils take along additional equipment.


This is part of a recognised national qualifictaion, so there is close supervision from the Canford teacher who is assessing the pupils for the award.

Pupil Involvement

Ten 6th form pupils who can be of either gender (although almost always male).


Every Monday afternoon throughout the year.