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Impact of partnership work done in 2019 (ISC annual Census 2020)

  • 14 state schools involved
  • 200 to 500 state school pupils involved
  • 140 staff hours given

*Please note, data shown here is from the 2020 Census for partnerships in 2019, rather than from the 2021 Census. This is due to the impact of COVID-19 on full year collection for 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many schools to put some partnership projects on hold until restrictions are eased.

Impact Statement

Junior School STEAM Projects
Students from three local junior schools have been working with us in an exciting new STEAM project. The pupils have all come into Churcher’s to work on a “Bloodhound Project” which involved creating a racing car which is propelled by Co2 canisters to race along a 50m track! It was part of a national competition and everyone had fantastic fun.

We have just concluded a second project where students from a local primary school have made Moon Buggies. These have been created using the fundamental concepts of robotics, giving the project a fully mechanical function.

The Junior School pupils were all supported in their project by the staff at Churcher’s but also, more importantly, by our own students who are all keen STEAM Ambassadors. All the pupils got to experience using specialist equipment, including CAD-CAM technology in the construction on their racing car.

“STEM – We have had the opportunity to use the amazing equipment in the DT department so that the children can experience, know and use the facilities that we cannot offer in our small school - use CAD, lazer cutters and the expertise of Sam Reid (we currently have no male teachers and the children being taught by a male for a change is also welcoming).” (Head Teacher of Partner School)

Secondary School STEAM Projects
In association with the Royal Academy of Engineering has established itself as a Hub for local state secondary schools to come together and work on STEAM projects. In this year’s project eight schools have worked on the exciting Drone Attack Project. Schools were all supplied with a drone which they had to deconstruct and rebuild, using K Nex, to meet a set of challenges in an exciting competition. Schools also took part in the fantastic Energy Quest and ANTWEIGHT challenges.

“Well done to Churcher’s College for hosting a wonderfully engaging engineering day. The students have got in to working on the Drones and I was very pleased with the level of independence that they were able to work at.” (Head of Design and Technology at Partner School)

“Enabling students from diverse social backgrounds to have opportunities to work together is to be commended. One of the noticeable achievements on the day was the shared engagement and enjoyment from all students involved regardless of the type of school they attended.” (Education Programmes Manager, Royal Academy of Engineering)

Churcher’s College Swim School
We are very fortunate to have a fantastic onsite indoor swimming pool and we are delighted to be able to share this with our local Junior and Primary Schools. We have four schools who currently use the pool on a regular basis. We value swimming as a key life skill and it is a pleasure for us to be able to support the development of swimming with as many children as possible.

“The use of the swimming pool, lifeguards and teachers has made a phenomenal impact on the quality of the children’s skills in swimming. For example, we have been able to extend our offer of ½ hour swimming lessons to over 1 hour weekly and our 6 weeks’ sessions have been extended to 8 weeks at no extra cost to our school or our families as well as a much more pleasant and safe environment for our children with the added pleasure of walking to and from the site (extra exercise and fresh air for the children).” (Head Teacher of Partner School)
Sports Coaching and Climbing Sessions
We have enjoyed inviting local Primary and Junior Schools in to the school to share our facilities. We don’t just open the facilities to them, we also provide specialist staff to run progressive sessions in sports and activities otherwise hard to deliver for our partner schools. We aim to offer different sports on a termly basis alongside specialist climbing sessions.

“Once again the use of your excellent facilities and staff have enabled our children to experience new sports and try out new things that we can’t provide for them. A long jump pit, a large cricket pitch, a rock climbing experience, tennis courts etc. Again male role models have enriched this experience.” (Head Teacher of Partner School)
Combined Cadet Force Partnership
Our CCF contingent has been running for many years and is well established as a key feature of our provision. We see our students benefit greatly from what it offers to them and we are keen to widen the access to this opportunity. From September 2017 have established ourselves as an official Partnership School and are delighted to have students from a local Secondary School joining our CCF. Our students are benefiting greatly from working together, as are our partner school.

Teacher Training
We are keen to support the development of the next generation of teachers. Alongside supporting regular PGCE placements we have also provided specific support to the University of Southampton. We hosted the PE PGCE students and provided coaching workshops in hockey along with providing an insight into Independent School teaching and Sport Philosophy. We have agreed to run such events on an annual basis.

“On behalf of the University of Southampton Education School I would like to express my appreciation to the Churcher's PE staff for providing such an outstanding hockey workshop for our PGCE PE trainees. Working in partnership with outstanding schools and PE practitioners is crucial for the high quality training we provide for the PGCE. The trainees evaluated the session as outstanding due to the knowledge of the teachers delivering the input on hockey and the opportunity to use and develop the teaching ideas with the pupils in the afternoon. I hope we can continue with this partnership next year as it was an asset to the course.” (Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Southampton)

United World Schools
Churcher’s have made a significant commitment to United World Schools. We have been partnered with UWS Mude School in Nepal since 2015. This ongoing commitment includes the provision of resources and funding to help the school develop and prosper.

Sixth Form: Junior School Link Project
We have been working with our local Junior School for a number of years. Up to fifteen 6th formers on a Wednesday afternoon to share their strengths and interests with the younger students. We have had Music, Latin, Spanish, German, French, PE, Chess, English and Maths and Art. They are assigned a small group, 3-4 pupils usually from years 5 and 6.

Regular Partnership Work
Away from our major outreach projects we also have a number of ongoing activities which we open to our local state schools. Example of this may include:
• Inviting 6th Form College’s to academic lectures
• Specialist language teachers visiting local primary schools
• Teaching emergency first aid to local schools
• Offering specialist sports sessions and to local primary and junior schools.

Scholarships and Exhibitions are awarded in recognition of academic excellence and exceptional contribution to the community of the school and/or the wider community of Petersfield. Exhibitions may also be awarded to those whose involvement in activities within the school is at an exceptionally high level.

The majority of awards are offered on the basis of the Churcher’s entrance examination at age 11+. No application is required; all candidates are automatically considered. Further awards are available at 13+ and 16+. Those entering at 13+ will be considered in respect to their performance in Churcher’s entrance examination for that age group. Those already in the school will also be considered based on their performance over the preceding two years.

A number of Scholarships are available for Sixth Form study. The majority are awarded to candidates already within the College but others are available to those joining the Sixth Form. The initial award of Scholarships takes place in March and assessment is through references, interview and written examination. Further consideration is given following the publication of GCSE results if an average GCSE score of 8.4 which includes four at Grade 9 is achieved.

Scholars and Exhibitioners are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic endeavour and behaviour. Those failing to do so may put their award in jeopardy.

The Richard Churcher Foundation Bursaries are mainly awarded to existing pupils of the College but consideration is also given to those entering at 11+, 13+ or 16+.  The awards are based upon a clearly identified need and is a means-tested process. Pupils who have been awarded a scholarship may apply for additional support.  Parents apply to the Bursary Committee for assistance and will be required to complete a comprehensive application form.  In addition, there may be a home visit from the Head of Finance to clarify any information supplied

Bursary Awards will normally remain in place for one or two years before they are reviewed, or until there is a significant change in parental income or assets.  Awards above 50% may be given in very exceptional circumstances.

The former Government Assisted Places Scheme (APS) protocol is used as a basis for determining levels of award, suitably adjusted to account for inflation. Unlike the APS, parental assets as well as income may be brought into the consideration. Details of income threshold levels are adjusted annually and are also dependent on the number of siblings. At present, and as a guide, to be considered for the minimum level of award, ie 10%, family income should not exceed the guide figure of £63,500 and there should not be any significant additional assets.

Please contact the Admissions office if you would like further information and an application form ( Alternatively you can register your child today using our online form.

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  • Bursaries for new entrants
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