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North London Collegiate School

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ISC ID: 34491


Mrs Sarah Clark (Headmistress)

Girls - age range:

Day: 4 to 19


1106 pupils

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Impact of partnership work done in 2019 (ISC annual Census 2020)

  • 6 state schools involved
  • 50 to 100 state school pupils involved
  • 40 staff hours given

Impact Statement

Partnership Activities NLCS is involved in a range of partnership activities with schools in the maintained sector. The key areas for such activity are outlined below. In the coming years we are hoping to concentrate even further on offering comprehensive support for the development of teaching and learning in local schools. a) Subject based collaboration and symposia for students: Ark Academy, London: University guidance and support, including test preparation and interview support for competitive universities. Synthesis Club for Year 12 students — a regular club that allows students to explore elements of organic Chemistry beyond the classroom. Bentley Wood: Modern Foreign Languages Symposium Heathland School, Hounslow: Year 10 debating event London Academy: Collaborative project, led by our Dramatist-in-Residence Attendance at Life Drawing classes, organized by NLCS University guidance and support for Sixth Form students London Academy of Excellence: Hosted a day for Sixth Form Economics students to attend lectures and classes at NLCS, culminating in a joint debate on the impact of Brexit Palmers Green: 'Theory of Knowledge' day for students in Year 10, designed to help them understand the underlying principles of knowledge and how this might be different across a variety of academic disciplines. Park High Academy: Regular Latin club for younger students, run by our Sixth Form Classics students. Queen Elizabeth Boys School: Year 10 Symposium, led by History and English.
English Conference on Irish Literature, organized by students in the Sixth Form; Sacred Heart School; Mathematics workshop for GCSE students. Music workshop for Year 7 students English day, focused on the works of Shakespeare for Year 8 students; Philosophy and debating symposium for students in Year 9; Student mentoring in Drama
Please note that the events above are specific to the schools mentioned, and are organized alongside staff and students at the given schools by the teaching staff and Senior Team at NLCS. Not listed are the variety of speaker events and conferences to which we invite and host a number of schools in the maintained sector. Such schools include those listed above, as well as the Ark Academy London, Christ the King, Christ College, Fortesmere School, Dr Challoner's and John Lyon. b) Tournaments and events c) hosted the Barnet Primary Chess tournament which was attended by over 220 local pupils from 28 local schools d) co-organised the South Eastern Schools Chamber Music Competition, which provides performance opportunities and master classes for all participants, and hosts parts of the event for participants from both state and independent sectors. e) Students from a range of local maintained schools have been invited to a range of careers talks across the last year, focused on areas such as the Arts, Medicine and Finance. f) Students from the London Academy of Excellence attended our USA Universities Information evening, featuring talks by Yale, Tufts, Babson College and the University of Virginia. g) Hosted a Year 6 Netball tournament for 29 local schools h) Students from the London Academy of Excellence attended our USA Universities information evening, featuring talks by Yale, Tufts, Babson College and the University of Virginia.

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