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Mrs Jo Duncan (Head Mistress)

Girls - age range:

Day: 11 to 18

Boarding: 11 to 18


653 pupils

Wycombe Abbey case studies (59)

CCF Army Cadets


  • Wycombe Abbey
  • The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, High Wycombe
  • Sport/DofE/cadets
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2 day Residential Trip


  • Wycombe Abbey
  • The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe, High Wycombe
  • Sport/DofE/cadets
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LVI Leadership Summit


  • Wycombe Abbey
  • John Hampden Grammar School, High Wycombe
  • Academic
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Impact of partnership work done in 2021 (ISC annual Census 2022)

  • 19 state schools involved
  • 1001-2000 state school pupils involved
  • 200 staff hours given

Impact Statement

There are many partnership projects which run from year to year. A sample of these include:

Cressex Community School: UVI girls provide literacy support (for community service) at Cressex throughout the year. Three members of Wycombe Abbey staff are Governors at the school, including the Safeguarding governor and Chair of the Learning, Teaching and Student Committee. Wycombe Abbey hosts an annual “Away Day” for SLT, Governors and Trustees. We also host a three-day summer school for 25 Year 9 Cressex pupils, building interpersonal skills and confidence through a range of science, drama and computing challenges.

Beechview Academy School: Following contact between the Chaplain and the Head of this school in a very deprived area of High Wycombe, which is in very challenging circumstances, we are considering how we can offer support. Alongside the 15 UVI girls completing community service there (helping run music clubs, support literacy, numeracy and science teaching) we are looking to see what physical resources we can share or donate. This is a new partnership that we are evaluating to see exactly how we can best support them.

Royal Grammar School: The RGS UVI and Wycombe Abbey UVI have a shared Academic Forum, including UVI interview practice exchange in run up to university interviews. The two schools shared a LVI Management Conference and LVI Communications Conference (hosted by Wycombe Abbey). A Wycombe staff member supports the RGS CCF one session per week.

John Hampden Grammar School: Modern Languages annual debating in French/German/Spanish for LVI/UVI. Sharing of training for UV IGCSE preparation and A level oral preparations. The two schools also share a LVI Leadership Summit (hosted by Wycombe Abbey). A Wycombe Abbey member of staff is also a governor there responsible for trips and liaison with the English department.

Royal Grammar School, Piper's Corner and Wycombe Abbey students take part in university-style lectures delivered by Dr Guy Sutton to observe a brain dissection.

The History and Politics department offer mock interviews to students from across the county. They also have collaborative links with schools for developing teaching and learning skills, and welcoming them to lectures that are hosted here.

Wycombe Abbey is a founder member of the South East Schools’ Chamber Music Festival and one of our Music teachers is on the committee. It provides music performance opportunities and coaching within the structure of competition for state and independent pupils in London and the South East.

Sports leaders programme: pupils provide sporting activities for children from a variety of local schools (including to some children with disabilities) such as swimming galas and netball tournaments.

The Director of STEM held a STEM Olympics with 24 various local schools. They also run a weekly after-school science club at Juniper Hill School. The Chemistry Department runs a community service program where Chemistry sessions are taken into primary schools, assisted by Wycombe Abbey's U6 girls.

A variety of local schools are invited to attend the US universities Admissions talks and Canadian University Fair. Various Careers events across the year are opened up to local Buckinghamshire state schools to attend.

Our link with Kerala, India, has really flourished over the last year via regular Skype sessions. Wycombe Abbey teachers have provided resources to support lesson planning, and mentoring for staff. The girls also are involved in sessions, offering tutoring and forming friendships with the pupils they are talking to.

Impact assessment report by ISC

Over the course of this year we have been working with ISC to undertake an assessment of the impact of our partnership activities. This has involved feedback from partner schools and pupils involved in events like the LVI Leadership Summit and the Ogden Trust Physics training. A few comments from that report are given below:

“Joint activities between pupils have a positive impact on the pupils involved in both schools. [The] partner schools value the similar ethos of Wycombe Abbey, with its focus on academic development/enrichment and pupil leadership.”

“The head teacher at one of participating schools (middle school) agrees that the related activities- teachers from Wycombe delivering a weekly science club, teacher joint development of the curriculum and teacher CPD activities have had a positive impact on pupil outcomes: improved academic outcomes, increased confidence and aspiration and the development of skills beyond the classroom. It has provided pupils with an opportunity they would not otherwise experience.”

“Joint activities have helped to break down ‘misconceptions’ and have led to further development of links between pupils; the joint leadership summit led to pupils from a partner school inviting Wycombe Abbey students to join their ‘leadership network’ group.”

We are very encouraged that there is a tangible impact of the work done by the Wycombe Abbey community. Going forward it is very important that we continue to demonstrate this in order to send a clear message to the Government about the public benefit undertaken by the independent sector.

Wycombe Abbey Bursaries

Wycombe Abbey is committed to providing academically gifted girls from all backgrounds with the very best education, which includes enabling those girls whose parents may not otherwise be able to meet the full cost of fees with the opportunity to attend the School. The parents/guardians of girls who would require financial assistance to attend the School are actively encouraged to apply for a means-tested Bursary. Wycombe Abbey is proud to offer Bursaries to ensure that all those worthy of a place at the School have the same opportunities regardless of their personal circumstances.

Bursaries may be made available to parents of all new girls joining at the School’s main entry points: Year 7, Year 9 or Year 12. There may occasionally be places available in Years 8 and 10. The School makes temporary provision annually, where possible, for cases of sudden, unforeseen need or where applications meriting bursary assistance are received out of the normal calendar cycle. Parents with a daughter at the School who unexpectedly fall into financial difficulty may apply for a bursary to the Headmistress. Such awards are subject to the availability of funding and cannot be guaranteed.

Bursary applicants should contact the Admissions Team directly regarding the cost of the registration fee. To apply for a means-tested bursary for new entrants, the bursary application form must be completed and returned by 1 September in the year preceding entry. Please contact the Admissions Team to request the application form:

Scholarships and Exhibitions

Wycombe Abbey Scholarships and Exhibition Awards carry considerable prestige both inside and outside of the School. They are of limited financial value and they are awarded in recognition of excellence, achievement and potential in academia and music. The School offers academic scholarships at Year 7 (11+) and Year 9 (13+), as well as music scholarships at Year 7 (11+), Year 9 (13+) and Year 12 (16+).

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  • Academic scholarships
  • Choral scholarships
  • Music scholarships
  • Sixth Form scholarships
  • Bursaries for new entrants
  • Hardship awards for existing pupils

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