Young Epilepsy Work Experience

Partner: Young Epilepsy (The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy), Lingfield
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Volunteering

We have formed a partnership with Young Epilepsy to offer work experience within the School. each week between 6-8 Young Epilepsy students visit Lingfield College and perform a range of useful work experience tasks.

Next year we plan to re-establish the volunteeering link back at YE with our Year 12 cohort.

Aims of the project

The aim of the project is to enable students at YE who are coming to the end of their time there to experience work in a different enviroment and establish resilience and relationships outside that enviroment.

The identified need was that the link had somewhat lapsed and as our Head was a Governor this was a perfect opportunity to rebuild our relationship with YE.

The critical factor for success is that the student forms a pattern of attending, learns valuable work/life skills and has a sense of worth and dignity in their labour.

We hope that not only the YE students but the staff and students they come into contact with at Lingfield are all wider beneficiaries.

Background and goals

The realtionship with YE has a long history of volunteering from the School but work experience has been ongoing now as a concept and in reality for about a year.

The opportunity was identified by both YE and the School.

We have now established links between the Prep School and YE. See the report below on a recent Music collabaration:

This afternoon our Y6 Band, Black Ice, visited St Piers Centre for Young Epilepsy.  We performed together with their choir , having rehearsed individually.  There was such a great atmosphere, with the children from St Piers totally engaged during the performance. Our students really enjoyed their visit.



The project needs the co-operation of anumber of stakeholders ie.Health and Safety, the participants themselves and a willingness for all to be flexible.School facilites are used, namely, the library, reprogrpahics and possibly the art room.

Teaching and non teaching staff are involved. The project runs once a week at the moment but it could be expanded next year.


We have had excellent feedback from YE about the impact of the project on the student and we hope to expand it to incorporate a young lady who would be interested in catering. We also hope that we will be able to offer a volunteering afternoon for our Lower Sixth at Ye next year. An assessment of the project will be carried out at the end of the academic year.

Pupil involvement

At the moment one pupilf from YE is involved but we hope to expand beyond the pilot next year. We would like to see about 10 volunteers from Lingfield at YE next year.

Frequency and duration

Ongoing , once a week. We hope it will be a long term project.