Workshops and Revision sessions

Partner: IntoUniversity Oxford South East (1)
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Academic

Headington School facilities are offered to IntoUniversity for the delivery of revision sessions and classes during the school holidays.  Facilities offered include Science Labs, Teaching Kitchens, Sport facilities and the new school Library.  

Aims of the project

IntoUniversity offers local young people opportunities to attend workshops and revision sessions that take place during the school holidays, many of which are aimed at raising aspirations for achievement in upcoming public examinations.  Whilst many can be hosted in IntoUniversity's own facilities, some sessions benefit from taking place in specialist teaching spaces such as Science Labs.  This partnership aims to make these spaces available to IntoUniversity at no cost.

Background and goals

This partnership has come about from an exisiting relationship aimed at providing sixth form pupils to act as Teaching Assistants in IntoUniversity's term time primary school classes.  


Headington School has excellent specialist teaching facilities, which are key to the success of this partnership.  Headington staff are involved in organising and supervising the use of the space, and IntoUniversity is not charged for their use of the space.


Assessment of the benefits of the partnership are made by discussion between IntoUniversity staff and Headington Staff at the end of the first year.

Pupil involvement

Pupils from local maintained schools are able to benefit, ranging from primary to sixth form.

Frequency and duration

It is envisaged that this partnership will provide 2-3 opportunties for access to Headington facilities during the first year.