Working with AFFCAD to empower young people in Kampala’s slums

Partner: AFFCAD - empowering young people in Uganda's poorest urban areas
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Volunteering


Since JAGS teacher Liz Parker shared her experience of seeing the poverty of life and self-belief in Bwaise’s slums, and the inspiration gleaned from those determined to change things for the better, our vision has been to connect the girls at JAGS actively with the children and young people there. We raise funds, yes, but also awareness of a very different existence. Trusting even our youngest pupils to initiate brilliant ideas, they take ownership of them and feel actively engaged. For example, the Gospel Choir took part in recording a song called Challenges with AFFCAD which got to no. 1 in the iTunes world music charts. Liz Parker is leading a group of 18 sixth formers to do project work with AFFCAD on a ten-day trip to Uganda at Easter, 2017 before they head off chimp-trekking.


Aims of the project


The aim is to raise awareness of our pupils of the difference they can make, working alongside AFFCAD in Uganda to contribute ideas as well as funds to give young people in Bwaise the tools to improve their lives. 

We can offer imaginative practical support, such as getting a chicken farm built to provide the children at the primary school with lunch, sustainably. Both partners benefit.  


Background and goals


You can’t always know what will happen on holiday. Exploring the poorest slums on a tour of Kampala, Liz Parker stumbled across four young men who had resolved to stay in Bwaise and to try to transform their community. Inspired by their selflessness and determination to succeed, she set up the charity AFFCAD UK in 2014 and spread the word far and wide, not only at JAGS but beyond, winning a National Citizen Award for her efforts.




Energy and enthusiasm are the core of this partnership. We use facilities at school here to rehearse, make, bake, sell, perform and so on. There is a key AFFCAD team which Liz Parker steers, drawn from pupils of all ages, which meets weekly to initiate new projects. Senior school assemblies are the platform, quite literally used to update us and to launch new initiatives and to feedback on what we’ve done. The whole staff, teaching and support are invited to get involved alongside the pupils. It’s all hands on deck when we have an event.




Skyping in our school assemblies means we hear and see for ourselves the impact of what we do. Imagine the thrill of seeing the children, live, waving happily at us from their primary school, thanking us for giving them a fun-filled Christmas to remember. Imagine the pride of knowing that our idea and fundraising for Project Chicken Feed means that there’s a farmer and a chicken farm which can provide lunch sustainably so the children don’t go hungry and can learn more effectively. With Give a Girl a Future, imagine how humbling it is to know that fundraising as little as £250 has transformed the life of a desperate young girl, lifting her from prostitution and into vocational training, giving her hope, dignity and independence. We can see for ourselves where almost every penny goes.


Pupil involvement




When Liz took a straw survey in a senior school assembly recently, and asked who had been involved with AFFCAD UK in some capacity, every girl put up her hand. That’s a result. We’re working with primary age boys and girls and young people in Bwaise.



Frequency and duration


Our commitment to supporting the work of AFFCAD and learning from the experience is ongoing. Following the trip to Bwaise this year, the knock-on effect should be even more real. Life-changing for the girls who go; life-changing for those with whom they work.