Werneth Primary School - Aspirations day

Partner: Werneth Primary School, Oldham
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

We work with the year 5 & 6 pupils from WernethPrimary School on their annual aspirations day

Aims of the project

The raise aspiration sof students in years 5 & 6 at Werneth Primary School by discussing career pathways with them.

Background and goals

The project came about as a result of contact between Katie Malley, assistant head at Wernerth Primary School and John Dalziel, deputy principal at Oldham Hulme Grammar School. Our two schools are less than a mile apart.


Staff time. We also make our sports field freely available to Wernerth Primary School for their sports day.


Hopefully we'll encourage more of Wernerth Primary School's pupils to aspire to join professions and aim for university courses in the future. The impact of this is going to be difficult to measure in the short term.

Pupil involvement

Year 5 & 6 pupils at Wernerth Primary School of both genders.

Frequency and duration

The meeting is held annually but converstaions aroud supprt take place throughout the year. Oldham Hulme Grammar School has donated equipment to Wernerth Primary School as a result of this relationship.