Webster Primary Academy - School Expansion Project

Partner: Webster Primary School, Greenheys, Manchester
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Governance

John Dalziel, Deputy Principal External Relations, and a National Leader of Governace with the National College for Teaching and Leadership, is working with Webster Primary Academy to strengthen governance and help the school through an expansion project.


Aims of the project

To strengthen governace at the school. The need was identifeid by the senior management team of the school and their school improvement officer. 

Background and goals

The partnership has been establisehd snce September 2016. There was a need identified at Webster Primary Academy to strengthen governace so governors better support the broader aims of the school.


Resources are staff time.


The school improvement officer evaluates the school's data and comments on the effectiveness of leadership and management. The senior management team are also invited to evaluate the inpact the NLG has on governance and leadership at the school. Qualitative assessment is carried out by the rest of the governinng body and the senior management team.

Pupil involvement

Pupils are not involved directly

Frequency and duration

There are 3 governors meetings each term. John also attends a range school events and meetings.