The Latymer Upper School Uganda Project

Partner: M-Lisada Orphanage, Tender Talents School & The Mummy Foundation
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Sponsorship

The Latymer Upper Uganda Project pays for 8 children from M-Lisada Orphanage in Kampala, Uganda to receive full time education in school. Pupils and staff from Latymer Upper have visited the orphanage on several occasions and Latymer students fundraise every year to cover the costs of school fees, uniform and stationary to ensure that these children can attend school. We also send donations of clothes, books, laptops, projectors, stationary and toiletries to M-Lisada orphanage and its associated partners.

In addition, there is another school trip in October 2016, where 40 students will visit Uganda. We will spend time volunteering in M-Lisada Orphanage and The Mummy Foundation (a charity that provides education to women and girls living in slums), visiting Tender Talents Secondary School and volunteering with Soft Power Education, based in Jinja. The students going on the trip have raised a huge amount of money to contribute to the funding of these four educational institutions, which provide shelter, food and education for underprivileged children of Uganda. This trip is likely to run every two years.