The Big Sing - Gardeners Lane

Partner: Gardners Lane Primary School, Swindon Road, Cheltenham
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Music


Pupils from a number of local schools came together for a day of singing, culminating in a concert in the afternoon.


Aims of the project


The aim was to use our specialist Music staff to support a day of singing for local schools.


Background and goals



The idea was created by our Director of Music as part of a planned outreach programme.



We supplied all resources required including: specialist Music staff, other support staff, support from Sixth Form students, lunches for all involved, venues.




All pupils enjoyed the day and the concert demonstrated the progress they had made during the event.


Pupil involvement


The event was for pupils in year 5, including our own pupils. We also used the support of some of our Sixth Form Music students.


Frequency and duration

The event was held again in 2018, following the success and enjoyment of the first year. 

We expect to run this and similar projects again during the coming year.