Swimming lessons for Oxgangs and Colinton Primary Schools

Partner: Oxgangs Primary School and Colinton Primary School
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Sporting Partnerships

Oxgangs Primary School and Colinton Primary School send their pupils for swimming lessons at Merchiston.

Aims of the project

To ensure that every pupil can swim before the end of Primary 7.

Background and goals

The partnership started in 2010/11.


Use of the school swimming pool.

3 members of staff.

The cost of transport and of staffing the lessons is estimated at £7000 per annum.


Feedback from the teachers at Oxgangs Primary School:

P4I class

·         Some pupils have never been in a pool before. Quarter of the class are keen to keep going and wouldn’t otherwise have attended swimming lessons.

·         Some are very able swimmers and already attend private lessons

·         The children love going swimming. Swimming complements our PE provision in school and enables us to deliver 2hrs PE. Swimming provides opportunities to encourage growth mindsets, challenge and developing talents

·         Without this some children would never get to a pool. Now they feel confident and enjoy it they are much more likely to ask a parent to take them swimming.


‘I think the teachers explain it really well’

‘I’d like to keep swimming’ (child had never been in a pool before)

‘They give you lots of feedback to help you get better’ (from a confident swimmer)



·         The children really enjoyed swimming and would love to do it again.

·         Quite a few children in this class (5 out of 27) do not have the opportunity to go swimming out of school – they found it beneficial.

·         The children have learned a great deal and have become much more confident. One girl has since joined a regular swimming group.



·         Majority of the class would not have accessed swimming lessons outwith school time so  have benefitted from lessons in Merchiston.

·         Most pupils feel that their swimming skills have improved.

·         All pupils enjoyed the lessons, in particular the last one!

·         A couple of children felt that their confidence as an early swimmer improved ‘I learnt how to breathe under water’


If swimming lessons are stopped at Merchiston for Oxgangs children then we wouldn’t have a swimming provision at all.  As you can see from comments above we have quite a number of children who would then never have a swimming experience.



Pupil involvement

24 pupils have swimming lessons each week.

Frequency and duration

Once a week during term time (Oxgangs in the Autumn Term and Lent Term; Colinton in the Summer Term), on an annual basis.