Supporting the transition to new Art GCSE and A level qualifications

Partner: Eaton Bank Academy, , Congleton
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

Head of Art, Mr David Kereszteny-Lewis has been working closely with Eaton Bank to help them to develop new curriculums and schemes of work, suitable for the devliery of GCSE and A level Art. David brings a wealth of experience, not just as a teacher but as a Senior Examiner, which has been essential to the project.

David has also  also invited them to take part in the drawing weekend we am running in the spring. We are supporting them with teaching but also by supplying materials for the weekend (the eaton bank students are simply funding their accommodation and food).


Aims of the project

To build Art schemes of work that are fit for the new examination sepcifications.

Background and goals

David has close links with several local schools due to his examination work.


Time to spend with Eaton Bank, expertise and the art resources for the follow-up project on the drawing weekend.


The outcomes are to have new schemes of work in place for the beginning of the new course, to be reviewed on an on-going basis for their effectiveness with students.

Frequency and duration

This partnership will continue in to the future, sa long as is necessary.