St Albans School staff member Governor at St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School, Hertford

Partner: St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, , Hertford
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Governance


Dr Greg Hacksley, Head of Sixth Form at St Albans School, is an Associate Governor at St Joseph’s in Hertford.  He also sits on the Governing body of King’s House Preparatory School in Luton as an Associate Governor. He also is on the Property and Finance Committe at St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School.


Aims of the project


Greg uses his knowledge of education, gained as a teacher of English and through his pastoral responsibilities in senior schools, to help advise the Governing body at St Joseph’s and also at King’s House. 


Background and goals


Greg joined the Governing body at St Joseph’s in response to an advertisement from the school looking for Governors that was publicised at the Catholic Church that he attends.


He became a member of the Board of Governors at King’s House, following a request to the Headmaster at St Albans School asking for potential Governors.




St Albans School allows Greg leave of absence in order to allow him to fulfil his role as a Governor.


Frequency and duration


Greg attends five full Governing body meetings a year and has also attended a full day of training.