Social Service Music

Partner: Woodville House
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Music

Some of our more talented musicians perform at local care homes, schools and residential centres in town. These mini-concerts are performed for the benefit of residents, staff or children.

Aims of the project

To improve the lives of local people through music and performance.

Background and goals

The project has been around for many years. Each year the school is approached by a number of local partnerships who request that our pupils perform so the delivery of the project varies year on year. 


Musical instruments are provided by the school or in the possession of the individual pupils. Academic staff and other support staff lend their help to assist our pupils to practise their pieces. Music staff will then drive the pupils to the various venues each week.


Feedback from partner agencies is always extremely positive!

Pupil involvement

14-18 years old.

Frequency and duration

Weekly, on a Wednesday afternoon between 2.00-4.00pm although other concerts may take place in the evenings when required or asked for by members of the community.