Sharing good practice in music teaching

Partner: St Andrew's Church of England Primary School, Headington, Oxford
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Music

Music teaching training sessions are held on a termly basis in Headington Prep School.  The sessions are aimed at improving the quality and quantity of music teaching at primary schools in the Oxford area.

Aims of the project

For music leaders to meet and share good ideas and resources. To empower teachers in charge of the music curriculum in their schools to come up with new ideas which will benefit the whole school and to develop a more positive and active music curriculum.


Many primary schools are giving the ‘music role’ to nonmusical teachers who are struggling with the role and don’t know how to implement music in the curriculum.



Background and goals

The idea for this project was generated within Headington Prep School's music department.  The first session ran in October 2017 and further sessions are planned on a termly basis.  The project will continue as long as there is sufficient interest from local primary schools.


Amy Evetts, Head of Music at Headington Prep School, has time to plan the sessions and is given cover to lead each session.  The sessions are hosted at Headington Prep School and last for the duration of an afternoon.  The sessions are free to attendees.


The anticipated outcome is for there to be a good community of music teachers in Oxford who know each other and can share ideas.

Amy Evetts wants to inspire teachers and share her ideas and love of music so teachers feel empowered to teach and share their love of music in their own schools.


Amy Evetts sends out questionnaires to each attendee to gain feedback. Results are saved and used to inform future planning.

Pupil involvement

No pupils are involved.

Frequency and duration

Termly meetings organised on an on-going basis.