Shaftesbury Park Summer Camp

Partner: Shaftesbury Park Primary School, Battersea, London
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Volunteering

Pupils from Shaftesbury Park Primary School in central London spend a week on a residential summer camp at Charterhouse. The camp is run by two Charterhouse teachers and twelve sixth-form pupils, and involves a wide range of activities on- and off-site. 

Aims of the project

To develop links between Charterhouse and Shaftesbury Park

To share Charterhouse's outdoor and residential facilities with other pupils

To support Shaftesbury Park in developing its ethos of citizenship, entrepreneurism and curiousity

To enable Charterhouse students to develop their volunteering, and especially their skills in teaching, leading, teamwork, and communication#

To support Shaftesbury Park in its education of younger children, particularly focused on those with challenging circumstances, or whose attendance has room for improvement

Background and goals

The link between Shaftesbury Park and Charterhouse emerged because of a parent at the former, who was also an alumna of the latter. The schools, despite different locations and ages, have shared values and a desire to widen opportunity for young people. The residential camp model was developed through dialogue between teachers at both schools, focused on what Shaftesbury Park's priorities were and how Charterhouse could support the development of these, whilst at the same time ensuring that the partnership would offer Charterhouse pupils a chance to develop their own skills and experiences. Like all good partnerships, it was founded on a spirit of mutuality and shared learning.


Residential facilities at Charterhouse, catering, sports facilities, classrooms

Off-site facilities i.e. public venues/experiences

Two teaching staff from Charterhouse involved in planning and facilitation, and a third in planning only

Five staff from Shaftesbury Park

Twelve sixth-form pupils at Charterhouse engaged as course leaders/supervisors

Charterhouse covered costs of accommodation, food and activities; Shaftesbury Park of their own staff attending the course





Case Study 1

This child has last year had quite serious attendance issues and was often late for class and wearing the incorrect uniform. Last year we had regular meetings with her mother and the educational welfare officer, supporting the mother to develop systems to ensure she arrives at school on time and how to manage illnesses - she was often ill and we were worried that some of the illnesses were not genuine. She decided to go to Charterhouse as her friends were going and it would give her a much needed summer holiday. I worked with mum who was very nervous on what medicines she could take and how she could contact Charterhouse on the numbers you provided in an emergency. This was the first time she had stayed away from home despite being Year 5. Her attendance at this time last year was 76%. She is currently at 94%. Her confidence has improved dramatically and she has improved her contribution to school life and resilience.





Case Study 2


This child also had difficulties arriving at school on time and this time last year had an attendance percentage of 80%. She is an outgoing and confident child whose academic ability does not always match her verbal abilities, which has led to frustration and behaviour issues in class. Her mother was pleased to send her to Charterhouse and ensured she was present to send her off and welcome her back. Since starting Year 6 she is calmer, more confident and approaches work with greater interest. She brought back photos and the diary from the trip and shared them with her classmates and is still talking about it now. Her attendance is now 94%.


The impact of Charterhouse has been huge - the families appreciated a holiday for their children and were impressed by the opportunity of going to Charterhouse. The parents turned out en masse for the arrival and departure and there was a genuine feeling of excitement amongst all of them. The feedback from the parents are that their children enjoyed the experience and they are already asking me about next year.


We have noticed an improvement in attendance, confidence and behaviour from all of our children who went to the camp. The improvement in confidence from the girls is particularly striking.


The feedback I have received from the children and staff regarding the camp is simply that they had a wonderful time and were looked after with care and respect. The activities were stimulating and engaging and encouraged them to step out of the comfort zones. The food was plentiful and thoroughly enjoyed and the children loved the accommodation. The student volunteers were true role-models to the children and have hopefully inspired them to succeed.


Pupil involvement

Twelve Charterhouse pupils (Sixth form)

Thirty Shaftesbury Park pupils (KS2)

Frequency and duration