Partner: Bonus Pastor Catholic College, Downham, Bromley
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

A robotics project supplying robotics equipement and staff and student training to enable students to enjoy collaborating on a robotics project and to enter VEX Robotics competitions. 

Aims of the project

The aim is to engage students in STEM projects and to develop skills in robotics.

The Head of Bonus Pastor identified the need to collaborate on an academic project with younger stusents. We have admitted several Bonus Pastor students on Scholarships into the Bromley High Sixth Form.

We hope that Bonus Pastor students will enter national VEX robotics competitions. Both groups of students will benefit from working collaboratively. If the project is a success, we will extend it to other local schools.

Background and goals

We were collaborating with Bonus Pastor to enable able girls to enjoy a selective Sixth Form education which would enable them to apply for highly selective university courses. This project grew from a desire to create a STEM project which would engage pupils from both schools.

The robotics project began this year.


A significant grant has been made by HSBC to fund the purchase of Robotics equipment and training. Two teachers and facilities at Bromley High School are engaged in the project. 

Funding has been provided by Bromley High School and HSBC through the Girls' Day School Trust.


The progress of the students in the national VEX competition. 

Pupil involvement

A group of Y8 pupils will be involved with support from Sixth Formers (including our Sixth Form scholars from Bonus Pastor who will act as STEM role models.)

Frequency and duration

An ongoing collaboration.