Pupils volunteer as companions to older people at a local care home

Partner: Davidson House Care Home
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Volunteering

As part of our Koinonia (Teamwork with the Community) programme, Lower Sixth pupils volunteer on a regular basis at Davidson House, offering support and companionship to the residents.

Aims of the project

To promote positive relationships between the younger and older generations.


1 member of staff.


We received the following feedback from Davidson House:

“I would just like to say that the pupils were very accommodating to whichever activity that was taking place in the care home.  Their presence really benefitted the residents and they also looked forward to the pupils coming.  I know it can be difficult coming in to a care home, but the boys adapted to any situation and showed no judgement.  They were very kind and engaged well with the residents.  On behalf of Davidson House Care Home, we would all like to thank the pupils for their input in making the residents’ day a pleasurable one.  We would all like to wish the pupils every success wherever their career takes them.”

Pupil involvement

In 2016/17, a group of 10 pupils aged 16-17 took part.

Frequency and duration

Once a week from early October to late March (20 weeks), on an annual basis.