Primary Schools Science Workshop Programme

Partner: Bradfield C.E. Primary School, Southend, Reading
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

The project has been well established and is incredibly popular with local primary schools.   It offers the schools the oppourtunity to come to Bradfield College and experience an afternoon of practical workshops in  all three areas of science.  The workshops are run by Bradfield College science teaching staff and are a hands on experience in a lab environment.

Aims of the project

Allow local primary school pupils the oppourtunity to access the Blackburn Science Centre and experience science in a lab environment.

Increase interest and enthusiasm in science within the primary sector

Allow primary age pupils to see and get hands on with practical science experiements

Support the provision for Gifted and Talented pupils within Year 4 to 6

Background and goals

The project began in 2011 when the new Blackburn Science Centre was opened.  This building is a state of the art science centre that is environmentally friendly and has excellent provision for the teaching of science.  There was a desire to share this facility with the local community and to provide free workshop afternoons to the local primary sector.  The Head of Science at the time identified a need and also a plan for the provision of these events and over time the frequency and size has increased.


Science Centre Facility

Free transport for local Primary Schools to and from the college

Bradfield College Science Teaching Staff

9 teaching staff for 3 hours per afternoon - 5 times over the academic year.

The workshops & transport by coach to and from the college is provided free to the local primary schools


The quantative assessment is done each year in the form of recording:

a) total number of pupils who attend a workshop each academic year

b) total number of primary schools who are able to attend one of the workshops each academic year

The qualitative assessment is done by gaining feedback from teachers at the attending primary schools about the quality of the workshop, the relevance to the curricullum in the schools and the overall experience

Pupil involvement

The programme offers 5 workshops per academic year (2 Michaelmas Term, 2 Lent Term and 1 in Summer Term)

Each workshop can accomodate 60 pupils and is targeted at pupils from Year 4 to Year 6

Total number of pupils who can access the scheme per academic year 300

Bradfield College Sixth-Form pupils act as lab assistants for the workshops - this sees around 50 pupils of mixed gender assisting with the scheme.

Frequency and duration

Annual programme that has 5 workshop days run each academic year

2 Workshops in Michaelmas term

2 Workshops in Lent term

1 Workshop in Summer term