Phab Club

Partner: Phab UK (1)
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Volunteering

A Phab club is run for the local teenagers with and without a disability where they can have fun and socialise with others

Aims of the project

To encourage inclusion and to build friendships between hosts (from St Helen's and Merchant Taylors' Schools) and guests (from local special schools)

Immediate beneficiaries are the hosts and guests who attend Phab Club, and the guests' parents and carers who can socialise together while their children are enjoying Phab Club activities

Background and goals

The club was started as a result of the Phab Week residential held at Merchant Taylors School.

There was no regular Phab Club in the local area to meet the demand for regular opportunities for guests to enjoy facilities and activities outside their schools.

Andrea Cawthorne set up the club in 2016 as a result of contacting local special needs schools and groups. The Phab Club (People Have Abilities) run by year 10 girls at St Helen's and boys from Merchant Taylors' School has now been established for 3 years and now takes place at St Helen's School


The Phab Club uses the Sixth Form centre (Mackenzie building) at St Helen's School

It is supervised by staff volunteers from St Helen's and Merchant Taylors' School

Fortnightly club activities (2 hours on Friday afternoons) alternate with planning meetings for the hosts and staff

A range of resources and equipment is provided by the schools to support club activities, and St Helen's provides catering for the guests' parents


Both hosts and guests learn a wide range of social skills outside the classroom. Both hosts and guests develop their emotional intelligence; hosts in addition learn about responsibility for others

Pupil involvement

23 Year 10 girls from St Helen's School currently volunteer for Phab Club, augmented by boys from Merchant Taylors' School

Frequency and duration

Ongoing, during term time

Fortnightly Phab Clubs on Friday afternoons