Oxbridge Application Seminars at Pocklington School

Partner: The Market Weighton School, Market Weighton, York
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

An Admissions Officer from Oxbridge College is invited to Pocklington School, to run information seminars for Y10-Y13 pupils every Michaelmas Term.

The seminars are for pupils from Pocklington School and neigbouring state secondary school, The Market Weighton School.

Aims of the project

The East Riding of Yorkshire was identified as an under-represented area for Oxbridge applications.  The aim of this project is to encourage more pupils to think about applying to Oxbridge.

Y10-Y12 pupils are introduced to the concept of Oxbridge application and provided with information about the process.

Y13 applicants are helped to gain confidence in interview situations.

Good communication between staff and pupils, both internally within individual schools and externally with other participating state schools and universities is essential for this project to succeed.

 The project helps to build relationships with other schools in the community.

Background and goals

Pocklington School approached counterparts from Market Weighton School to set up the project.

The project has been running for three years.


The seminars are held in a lecture theatre at Pocklington School.  An Oxbridge representative is invited to attend as well as two staff members from the participating school, with Oxbridge expertise.  The seminars are usually of one hour duration.


Following the project commencing, pupil interest in Oxbridge applications has increased.  Furthermore, applications made have been realistic, leading to an increased number of acceptances to Oxbridge and /or Russell Group Universities.

Pupil involvement

From Pocklington School, approximately 30 pupils from Y10-Y13 are involved and 20 pupils from The Market Weighton School.  Parents are invited to attend the sessions too.

Frequency and duration

This project runs annually and is an ongoing project.  It plans to run indefinitely.