Operation Deep Space STEM project

Partner: Mascalls Academy, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

Two members of staff from each school created and led a weekly programme for 10 able and interested Year 9 students from each school to explore exoplanets leading to a Bronze CREST Award.  

Aims of the project

To encourage social interaction among the students via a stimulating and academically demanding programme.  

Background and goals

The opportunity was identified by the Heads who were keen to foster closer links between the two schools. 


Both schools will provided equal teacher-time, funding and resources.  Activities were based equally in each school throughout the year.  The students met for an hour each week which was a critical factor in providing continuity for the academic and social development of the project.


All students completed the project and were awarded a Bronze CREST Award at the end of the academic year.  

Pupil involvement

10 pupils from each school all in Year 9.

Frequency and duration

Weekly timetabled activity.