Norwich High Science Showcase

Partner: Trowse Primary School, Trowse, Norwich
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

Norwich High School for Girls partnered with Trowse Primary School to runa programme of hands-on science sessions for Primary pupils. Norwich High provided funding for Dr Blanchard to work with Trowse for one school term. 

Aims of the project

The teacher at Trowse Primary identified a need for pupils to take part in more hands-on, practical science. The teacher felt that a collaborative programme with Norwich High School would offer Trowse students a wide range of scientific equipment and expertise. 

The immediate beneficiaries are the primary aged pupils at Trowse Primary School. 

Background and goals

Deputy Head of Enrichment at Norwich High, Mr O Hall, approached local primary schools in Norwich and Norfolk with suggestions for a science outreach programme or showcase. Dr Blanchard followed up on the responses and developed lesson plans that would fit with the school's aims and objectives. 



Norwich High's science department lended much of its equipment out as part of the outreach programme, contributing also the expertise of its science technicians and staff. Purchases were made of additional models and items that would assist with teh demonstration of scientific concepts. Dr Blanchard made use of her own car to transport equipment between the two schools. 


Evaluation was conducted at the end of the programme with both the teacher at Trowse Primary and the school pupils who had taken part. The pupils were asked to answer three questions on a post-it:

1. What have you learned?

2. What could be improved?

3. What did you enjoy most of all?

The teacher at Trowse Primary was asked to rate the content, quality, oprganisation and staff in relation to this outreach programme, marking all as 'very good.'

The teacher remarked:

"The project was a tremendous success. We thought it would be a great opportunity for more practical hands-on science given the wide range of resources and expertise offered by a high school. Dr Blanchard was excellent in listening to what we wanted to do and developed a series of lessons that met our aims and objectives. It would be wonderful to participate in an opportunity again in the future."


Pupil involvement

Pupils in year groups 3,4, 5 and 6 took part: both girls and boys. 

Each lesson saw pupils take part in practical science. 

"I enjoyed using different indicators and materials"

"I have enjoyed everthing - my favoruite was the microscopes"

"I have improved in Science"

Frequency and duration

This porgramme took place over the course of a school term, with weekly sessions for the pupils.