NCT Messy Play Summer Party

Partner: National Childbirth Trust (NCT) Monmouth & District
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Volunteering

The School offers the facilities and grounds to the NCT to use for their summer party. All equipment, gazebos, catering facilities etc are provided by the school at no charge.

Aims of the project

To share our beautiful grounds and facililities with the local community when they are not in use by the school & Nursery

Background and goals

We have been sponsoring the NCT's local toys and clothes sale for several years and have bulit a good relationship with the group. The offer of the use of our grounds at weekends and during holidays grew from there.


Resources supplied by the school:

A varety of toys and Nursery equipment.



Catering facilities and implements

Staff volunteers



This made the party virtually cost free for the group so any additional funds raised from ticket sales went could be used for their charitable support work.

Frequency and duration

Our first party was in July 2016

The second was on September 2nd 2016

We expect other events to follow