Music Teaching for Years 1 & 2

Partner: St Andrew's Church of England Primary School, Headington, Oxford
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Music

This partnership aims to share good practice in music teaching.  Headington Prep School’s Head of Music, Amy Evetts, teaches St Andrew’s pupils in Years 1 and 2 every week.  The class teacher observes the lessons in order to develop music teaching skills for use in future years.  Amy Evetts also runs a Year 1 & 2 choir at St Andrews which is very popular.  The choir performs regularly in assemblies and in whole school events, e.g. Harvest festival and the Christmas Carol Concert.

Aims of the project

The aims are to train class teachers to feel confident in teaching music and to gain access to a wide range of useful resources which the teacher can use in future lessons.

The critical factors of success are to question / observe those teachers to see if they have managed to include their new musical skills in their teaching. The pupils at St Andrew's are getting bespoke music curriculum taught by a specialist weekly. The teachers are able to observe the weekly lessons and make notes on what is being taught

Background and goals

The partnership is in its first year, and if succesful it may be extended to another school next academic year. Mrs Bennett has been very complimentary and will promote the partnership within local Head teachers.


Headington Prep School's Music staff have been aware that music is not being taught in every primary school and if it is it is not being taught by a specialist.  The partnership aims to empower teachers to feel confident to teach singing through songs and musical games and to teach the rudiments of music.


Amy Evetts is given 2 hours each week from her timetable to teach at St. Andrew's. The partnership will last one year and is completely free for St Andrew's.


The assessment of the success of the partnership will be done each term with a questionnaire sent out to the form tutors involved. Amy Evetts will observe those teachers in a follow up session in November 2018 to check on their progress and answer any queries.

Pupil involvement

No Headington School pupils are involved.

Frequency and duration

The teaching takes place weekly during the academic year September 2017 - July 2018.


This partnership carries on in Headington School holidays, and keeps in line with Local Educational Authority term dates.