Music Partnership Project

Partner: Theale Green School, Reading
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Music

Bradfield has an extensive music programme and is nvolved in a number of outreach and collaborative projects.  It was identified by the Head of Co-Curricular music at the time that there was scope to directly involve Theale Green in partnership activities.  It was then a case of identifying the number of different music projects that we could work in partnership with Theale Green.


Aims of the project

Collaborate on musical projects:

> Collaboration on A-Level Composition Workshop for A-Level music students from the two schools.

>Joint partnership on Apollo5 Young Leaders Music Programme

>Joint Choirs at various evnts e.g. Theale Green Christmas Concert, Reading Minister Event.

Background and goals

The project was a collaboration between Bradfield College Head of Music and Theale Green Head of Music.

We have built on an already established link with the school but over the last couple of years this partnership has been significantly built upon.


Music Staff to supervise, transport and oversee the project.

Use of Bradfield College Music School, instruments and mini buses.

Professional musicians paid for by Bradfield College - Apollo5 and London Chamber Orchestra

Teaching staff from both Bradfield and Theale are heavily involved in all projects.


Qualitative assessment in the form of feedback from local primary schools who were the recipients of music workshops lead by Apollo5 and the Young Leaders.

Feedback from pupils from both schools involved in the leadership project and Music Junction to determine the benefit to them of taking part in such projects - e.g. increased confidence, greater passion for music, identified teaching is something they really enjoyed.

Pupil involvement

Bradfield College Pupils involved in all aspects of all projects

Theale Green Pupils involved in all aspects of projects

Age range is 15 to 18

Mixed gender groups.

Frequency and duration

These events run over the course of a term and are spread across the academic year, they most likely equate to an event, practise or meeting once a month over the full academic year.