Moor Park children in Year 8 at Moor Park work with young people with disabilities.

Partner: Megan Baker House
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Volunteering

Moor Park children in Year 8 travel to Megan Baker House on a weekly basis to help out with the children. They read stories, help around the building and generally make themselves useful.

Aims of the project

To build bridges with a local children's charity

To provide a valuable life lesson for our children as they prepare to move on from us

Background and goals

One of our members of staff has a long term relationship with the charity


It uses our staff to transfer the children to and from the charity and to organise the visits. The visits happen over a two week period every year and no money changes hands.


Not measured but MBH really appreciate the help and our children are always inspired by their visits

Frequency and duration

As long as both parties are happy, I suspect that it will continue