Modern Languages at KS1

Partner: Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School, London
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

To offer lanaguge provision for KS1. The Head of Modern Languages teaches a 30 minute lesson to a Year 2 class at Holy Trinity C of E primary school in Forest Hill, every Monday Lunchtime. 


The pupils learn numbers, greetings and months through role-plays, bingo games and songs. 

Also sharing of school's resources, notably use of sports ground and theatre.

Aims of the project

In consultation with the Head of Holy Trinity to offer language teaching for year 2.

Regular lessons and improvement of language porvision in the school.

Pupils in year 2.

Background and goals

Headmistress of Sydenham High contacted Head of Holy Trinity to see if we could work together. 

Project began September 2017 and links from June 2017.


Language teaching and any materials requird to deliver teaching.

Yes - 30 minutes of a teacher's time a week.

No financial contribution but sports ground of use of school theatre.


Yes - teaching of a lnaguge and access to school's facilities.

To be done annually.



Pupil involvement

Not yet but plans to send sixth formers in due course as volunteers.

Pupilsfrom primary are year 2, mixed.

Frequency and duration

on-going weekly event

at least a year