Merchiston Community Boys' Choir

Partner: Balgreen, Bonaly and Craiglockhart Primary Schools
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Music

Boys from local primary schools attend once a week for 4 weeks in the Summer Term to sing in the Merchiston Community Boys’ Choir.  Lunch, sports and transport are also provided free-of-charge. At the end of the 4 weeks they perform at a concert. 

Aims of the project

To promote choir singing amongst young children - the positive benefits include improving musicality, mental health and social integration.


We received this feedback from the Music Teacher at Balgreen Primary School:

“The boys in Balgreen and Craiglockhart choirs have always looked forward to the Community Boys’ choir.  It is a highlight in their year and encourages them in choral singing at their own school too.  It is such a good idea to mix music and sport for these boys.  It helps them feel cool about being in a choir.  I am always amazed at the concert performance when they often sing in parts, as they are not auditioned for my choir.  Some of them are not always singing in tune at rehearsals, but are really brought on by the others, to listen and improve.  The boys also enjoy having lunch at your school.  It is good to mix the schools as there used to be such a separation between the Private sector and the State schools in Edinburgh.  The coming together of different schools and choirs always leads to an enjoyable concert, and camaraderie.  It is also good that the parents do not have to buy tickets for this event.  We have appreciated the hospitality of Merchiston Boys’ school and have always felt very welcome.  Thank you for all the work you do in the community.”

Pupil involvement

In 2017, 20 boys from Balgreen, Bonaly and Craiglockhart Primary Schools attended.

Frequency and duration

Once a week for 4 weeks in the Summer Term, on an annual basis.