Med/Vet University Application Partnership

Partner: Theale Green School, Reading
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

The project is a partnership with Theale Green and any A-Level students that they have who wished to apply to University to do Medicine or Vetenary Science.  The partnership was a society setup involving Bradfield College pupils and also Theale Green pupils together. 

Aims of the project

Enrich applications of students applying to study Med/Vet

Beneficiaries are Bradfield College students, Theale Green students and the teaching staff of both schools.

Background and goals

Bradfield College setup a Med/Vet Society to enrich applications of those students wanting to apply for Med/Vet.  This society was then opened up to Theale Green students who would be applying with a view to assisting them with their appliations.

The Director of Science at Bradfield (Dr D Brookes) setup the society and then was the staff member who identified this as something that would be of benefit to Theale Green students.


Venue - Blackburn Science Centre

Staff - Teaching & Non-teaching staff from Bradfield College used to run the society

Additional guest speakers and activities provided by Bradfield College

Frequency - The society meets bi-weekly over the academic year


Qualitative assessment would be interview the Theale Green students and ask about their experience of the society, the benefits to their own applications.

Quantative assessment would be the number of sucessful applications to courses they applyed to do.

Pupil involvement

Sixth-Form and IB students from Bradfield College attend the society

Sixth-Form pupils from Theale Green

Mixed Gender - Post 16 (A-Level Students)

Frequency and duration

On-going project which occurs Bi-Weekly but will be dependent on the number of pupils interested from Theale Green as to how many students they bring to the activity.