MCC Foundation Cricket Hub

Partner: MCC Foundation
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Sporting Partnerships

Hymers gives its facilities to the Foundation free of charge. The school also manages the programme. I understand that we host the largest Hub in the country and are featured on the Foudnations promotional video. Over 70 state school cricketers benefit from first-class cricket coaching.

Aims of the project

To encourage cricket amongst state school children. To ensure these children continue into club cricket.

Background and goals

The Headmaster is a member of the MCC and approached the MCC Foundation. We have been going for three years.


The school gives its sports hall and cricket pitches when required. The school also manages the project.


The MCC Foundation track how many of the children go on to play club cricket. This is done each year.

Pupil involvement

11-14 years old.

Frequency and duration

Every week throughout the Easter Term. We have finances for an initial three year period but are keen to continue after this date.