Maths with Ricards Lodge

Partner: Ricards Lodge High School, Wimbledon, London
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

Every Friday a group of sixth form mathematicians from King's travel to Ricards Lodge High School to assist year 11 and year 10 girls in their preparation for GCSE Maths, both foundation and higher tier. Strong relationships are formed between the sixth-formers and their mentees, and the KS3 girls involved have seen a demonstrable improvement in their assessment results each year.

Aims of the project

To assist in improving the GCSE grades of a range of girls at Ricards Lodge, and develop the communication and leaderships skills of the KCS sixth form students.


Teaching facilities at Ricards Lodge are used, and a member of staff from both schools is present at all times.


The majority of King's pupils involved in this project indicated that they felt it had helped develop their communication skills, and Ricards Lodge have confirmed that their pupils have appreciated the additional support.

Pupil involvement

Sixth form students from King's assist a variety of Year 11 and Year 10 students from Ricards with their work towards their GCSE Mathematics.

Frequency and duration