Local Community links - Stronger Together

Partner: Dormansland Primary School, Dormansland, Lingfield
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Volunteering

Lingfield, as part of "Stronger Together" are endeavouring to create a much more vibrant and dynamic link with Dormansland Primary School. DPS are using our minibus to get to the local Forest School and we hope to be able to share our facilites such as the Sports Pitches and our own Forest School in the future. We also have links with Edenbridge Primary and Lingfield Primary enabling access to expert sports coaching at our annual sports showcase. Coaches from local sports clubs, alongside Lingfield staff, give expert taster classes for Y3 pupils in Hockey, Netball, Rugby and Football. We also transport the children from Edenbridge to and from the activity.

Aims of the project

  • To increase community links
  • To increase the Schools exposure in the local community
  • To offer our facilities to a wider audience
  • Expand our Public Benefit programme

Background and goals

  • The project has been running for 6 months
  • The need was established by Lingfields strategic action plan
  • The Schools Sports link has been running for 3 years


  • A willingness by all parties to be flexible and share good practice.
  • Lingfield facilities are used
  • Teaching staff are used
  • There will be financial contributions in the future and indirectly there are now.


  • We hope to estblish a strong link with Dormansland as a pilot for more projects in the future
  • We anticipate to be able to offer more facilities and perhaps share teaching expertise in the future.
  • The Sports programme allows access to new sports that the children might not have tried at their own School

Pupil involvement

  • Pupils from Y5 from Dormansland are involved at the moment.
  • We hope to be able to involve more staff and our own students going forward.
  • Minibus from Lingfield takes Dormansland pupils to a Forest School in the Ashdown Forest every Wednesday.
  • Today ( May 19th ) we had the pleasure of welcoming the Reception Class from Dormansland School to visit our Forest School area.  They had lots of fun exploring and playing, den building, making clay faces on the trees and painting with natural resources.   We sat round the camp fire and enjoyed hot chocolate before each child talked about what they had enjoyed the most - mud sliding, climbing and having hot chocolate around the fire were the most popular!  It is great to be building links with our local community in such a fun and rewarding ​way and we hope to welcome some more children from Dormansland School to our Forest School next term. 

  • Dormansland had reached the later stages of a regional Hockey competition and we were able to lend them the asto for practice and specialised coaching to help them out.


  •  On Friday 9th September for the third successive year we hosted our annual Sports Taster afternoon.  We once again invited the year 3 children from our local schools, Edenbridge and Lingfield Primary, to join in the fun with our U8 children. The event featured cricket, football, hockey, netball and rugby and we made further links by inviting our local sports clubs to come into school and lead the coaching sessions.  Both boys and girls experienced 20 minutes of coaching in all of the five sports and all children displayed high levels of energy and great enthusiasm in every activity.After the busy afternoon of taking part in all the different sports, the children and staff sat down together to enjoy a well-deserved tea.The Sports event has given all the children the opportunity to try a new sport and will, hopefully, inspire more children to take part in sport outside of school in one of our many local sports clubs.Our huge thanks go to CD Phoenix Netball Club, East Grinstead Hockey Club, Edenbridge Rugby Club, Lingfield Cricket Club and Lingfield ND PE staff (Football) for making it a fun filled afternoon. We also thank our local schools for taking part and making the event another great success. We look forward to working together again with our local schools and community sports clubs next year for another action packed afternoon of sport.

Mrs Major Head of Sport - Juniors







Frequency and duration

  • Ongoing activity every week and potential for growth.
  • We hope this to be the start of a long term relationship.