Library Partnership

Partner: Theale Green School, Reading
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

Support from Bradfield College Head Librarian with avice on the general day-to-day running of the library and encouraging greater numbers.

Creation of 'Resource Boxes' for subjects at Theale Green to use in academic lessons made up of resources from the Bradfield College Library.

Possible support/training and use on same management system as used in the College Library

Aims of the project

Provide resources to support academic subjects at Theale Green

Support the most effective way of managing resources and library systemsand to provide training on these systems where appropriate.

Increase pupil numbers using the library at Theale Green

Background and goals

Theale Green is our sponsor school and as such we assist with various elements of the governance and some daily aspects of the school.  We wanted to support the effective use of the library at Theale and also to share resources held at Bradfield College with academic groups at Theale Green.


Bradfield College Library Staff

Bradfield College Library Books


Qualitative feedback from Theale Green teachers regards the success of 'Topic Boxes' and the use of Bradfield College resources to support academic lessons at Theale.

Pupil involvement

Provision for whole of Theale Green School and specific academic groups within the school who requested and created topic boxes e.g. A-Level History groups and Russian Revolution Topic Box.

Frequency and duration

On-going project