King Edward VI High School For Girls - Magic In Maths Workshops

Partner: KEHS Primary School Network
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Academic

Magic in Maths workshops are delivered by Harry Kavanagh, Head of KEHS's Mathematics Department. Harry's interactive and engaging sessions are designed to stretch and challenge Year 5 and 6 pupils and cover such topic areas as algebra to solve mental arithmetic problems, mental arithmetic tricks, card counting tricks, probability by way of card tricks, codes and encryption including caesar shifts, substitution codes, numerical codes, semaphore and morse code; there is also an opportunity to handle data through frequency analysis. The pupil workshop is delivered at your primary school and is followed up with a teacher 'question and answer' forum.   



Aims of the project

KIng Edward VI High School for Girls works with 45 state primary schools each year delivering a variety of classes and workshops for Gifted and Talented pupils in maintained primary schools. All of our sessions are delivered by our KEHS teaching staff with support from our 6th Form students. KEHS is also one of only 3 independent schools to be designated as a Teaching School and as a result we have a comprehensive programme of School to School support; our Magic in Maths sessions are therefore a key element of our Teaching School work.    


Harry is able to deliver three morning Magic in Maths sessions per year.


Evaluative feedback is obtained from the school after each session. See an example below. 

"This was an excellent session, children were all engaged and excited by their learning. The children were on the edge of their seats the whole time and were mesmerised by your teaching. You really did deliver magic in maths. The card tricks at the end of the session challenged the children’s thinking and created a real buzz in the classroom for the rest of the day. As a result of this, packs of cards have been purchased for the children to practise their own number/card tricks. Thank you for also inspiring the staff, as we all want to be more creative in our maths lessons and enthuse the children in the same way you did."