King Edward VI High School For Girls - Gifted and Talented Lessons

Partner: KEHS Primary School Network (3)
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Academic

Our Gifted and Talented Classes are aimed at pupils in Years 5 and 6. Every Friday afternoon, schools are invited to send up to 10 children to KEHS for 90 minute lessons in Science, Spanish, Maths and English. Pupils spend five weeks studying each course. The classes, held at KEHS, are part of a ground-breaking Outreach project. Led by experienced teachers, they are designed to give bright boys and girls an intellectual boost and encourage them to set their sights high.



Aims of the project

King Edward VI High School for Girls works with 45 state primary schools each year delivering a variety of classes and workshops for Gifted and Talented pupils in maintained primary schools. KEHS is also one of only three independent schools to be designated as a Teaching School and as a result we have a comprehensive programme of School to School support; our Gifted and Talented lessons are therefore a key element of our Teaching School work.



All of the resources for the sessions are written, created and delivered by KEHS staff ably assisted by a team of 6th Form helpers.


Vice Principal Susan Pallister, who has put together the school's outreach programme, commented recently:

“We’re really proud of our Outreach work”. The great thing is that these sessions are breaking down barriers between us and primary schools all over Birmingham. Outsiders may look at KEHS and assume, because of its great results and facilities, that it’s a posh school and only for the rich. Wrong! Our girls and staff come from all backgrounds. The common factor is their liveliness and intellectual curiosity and it's great that every week, scores of bright boys and girls from Birmingham primaries are getting the chance to see what we're really about, in an exciting and challenging way that could change their lives.”