IntoUniversity STAHS Partnership

Partner: IntoUniversity
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Academic

We're working with centres in Haringey, Brent and Clacton, to explore ways subject  & HE expertise can benefit IntoUniversity students and programmes. We're also working to develop a new IntoUniversity centre in Luton, in partnership with other independent schools in the region.

Aims of the project

We share the aims set by & needs identified by IntoUniversity - supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into higher education where they are currently under-represented.. No critical success factors have been set in this pilot year but they will certainly include the range and depth of additional learning opportunities we can make available to IU students.

Background and goals

The project has been formally underway since September 2016 following a sequence of very productive meetings with IU staff over the previous academic year. The opportunity was identified and developed by a Deputy Head who continues to lead on the growth of the partnership. 


Teacher expertise & enthusiasm. Two staff currently working on the partnership have allocated time for partnership/outreach work. Other staff, and Year 12 students, are volunteering their time.


Not in this pilot year where the focus is exploratory - seeing what might be possible and exploring models. We do plan to take feedback from all participants in July.

Pupil involvement

Year 12 students volunteered to assist at an Easter GCSE/A Level revision day for IU students.

Frequency and duration

It's a growing suite of events - as we try different models of engagement. We have 2 staff who can offer a weekly commitment this academic year, with plans to increase that number in future years, according to the developing needs of the partnership.