Inspiring Young Scientists of the future (St Gregory's)

Partner: St Gregory the Great Primary School
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic


This is an opportunity to inspire and identify scientists of the future. College hosts a number of science workshops every term to which pupils from St Gregory's are invited. The pupils work in the laboratories and undertake experiements. They rotate through the three science disciplines every term.

Aims of the project

The aims of the project are:


To inspire young pupils to become interested and curious in the sciences; to give young pupils exposure to working with 'real-life' experiments and science based problems.

Willingness of both schools to become involved with the project.

Pupils from St Gregory's who will benefit from this project. Students from Cheltenham College who are now also involved in after-school afternoon activities with the pupils from St Gregory's.

Background and goals

The Head of Science at Cheltenham College was approached by Head of Science from St Gregory's.

Mutual discussion between two Heads of Science.

4 years now.


Equipment and materils needed for workshops.

School facilities are used as are both teaching and non teaching staff.

2 College staff per afternoon with 2 workshops taking place.

There is no financial contribution.






Pupil involvement

College teaching staff run the afternoon workshop sessions but there are plans afoot to involve College Sixth Form students in the delivery of workshops. College students visit St Gregory's every Wednesday afternoon after-school activities.

Pupils are 17 and are of both genders.

Frequency and duration

The activity is on-going.

The science workshops take place twice termly and the students helping with afternoon after-school activities is weekly.

The activity will continue indefinitely.