Harris Westminster Sixth Form

Partner: Harris Westminster Sixth Form (1)
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Governance

The Harris Westminster Sixth Form was officially opened in August 2014 and represented the cumulative efforts over a two year period of the Governing Body, Senior Management and teaching staff of Westminster School and key representatives of the Harris Federation in establishing the new free school sixth form.

Aims of the project

To establish a free school sixth form which enabled pupils with high academic potential from socially and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds to receive a high quality education, enabling them to make successful applications to Russell Group Universities in relatively high numbers.

Background and goals

A discussion with Lord Harris and Dr Stephen Spurr, the then Head Master of Westminster School. Westminster had been looking for an opportunity to sponsor an inner city London Academy for several years and this appeared to be the best opportunity so far.


The resources critical to the success of the project were the track record of the Harris Federation in setting up schools and academices and the extended academic curriculum of Westminster School which had enabled very high numbers of its pupils to gain places at Oxford and Cambridge universities (50%), Ivy League universities in the US and other UK Universities in the Russell Group.


There has been a significant impact with 20 Harris Westminster pupils this year 2016/17 receiving 20 offeres from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Frequency and duration

Project is ongoing.