Gifted and Talented Day for Year 3 & 4 pupils

Partner: Various State primaries, Oxford
Partner type: Community Group
Project category: Music

To invite pupils from surrounding schools who are gifted and talented musicians in years 3 & 4 to work collaboratively on songs and play in an orchestra, ending in a short performance.

Aims of the project

The aim of this project is to share our facilities and expertise with local young musicians. Pupils develop their musical skills while meeting children of similar age groups. Success criteria depends on the outcome - have the pupils enjoyed the day, have they learnt new skills or developed previously known skills?

Background and goals

With Headington Prep School’s new building, we felt it would be beneficial to the wider community to share our facilities and expertise with young local musicians. Amy Evetts (Head of Music) organises the programme of the day and collates and delivers all music activities. It has been established since 2015.


The use of our school Theatre, music stands and library of orchestral and singing music are the main resources used. Sarah McCann and Amy Evetts are the two members of staff delivering the activities on the day. The local young pupils invited are able to enjoy a lunch on the premises.


The invited schools are asked to pick two Gifted and Talented musicians, using their own criteria to select appropriate pupils. Amy Evetts assess their abilities by sending out a short questionnaire on length of time learnt on instrument, grade completed etc. Amy Evetts has a range to orchestra parts to suit all abilities when they arrive.

Pupil involvement

Schools are asked to send Year 3 & 4 G&T pupils, Headington Prep School pupils are also involved. 

Frequency and duration

This event is held annually and will continue as long as there is a need for it and partnerships schools are prepared to send their G&T musicians.