Fixperts with Perseid School

Partner: Perseid School, Morden
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Design and Technology

A Fixpert project offers students the opportunity to work in our community and identify real needs in the world around them. They then work in teams to research and develop solutions, sketch out ideas, model prototypes, make a final product and gift it to the Fix partner. The story of the fix and the solutions are captured on video and presented in the form of FixFilms. We will be working with a partner school to identify and solve problems they have. Would suit pupils with excellent engineering problem-solving skills, empathy, and some video editing skills.

Aims of the project

Fixperts is a social campaign and design education programme that connects people through the act of ‘fixing’, which is a great way to develop problem-solving skills and demonstrate the power of design to have positive social impact. 


Subject specialist teacher 


Students have said the project has enabled them to develop leadership and commicational skills. 

Pupil involvement

Year 10 and above 

Frequency and duration