Eureka - Pirton

Partner: Pirton School, Pirton, Hitchin
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

The Eureka Workshop is a fun and practical workshop at Princess Helena College (PHC) for Years 4 and 5 children.

The workshop is themed according to the National Curriculum and allows visiting pupils to conduct simple experimenets and investigations.  They can choose which workshop they to attend, to fit in with their curriculum timetable.  Currently we provide the following workshops: Electricity, Friction, Sound and Change of State.  PHC will take care of organising this trip and supply all letters and permission slips for the children to take home and supply minibus transport for up to 28 children at no cost to any visiting schools.

Eureka Science Fair - each visiting school is given a project to complete over 3-4 months; the final project will be displayed at PHC during a science fair.  PHC will provide a science professional who will judge each project and announce a winner.  The schools parents and teachers are all invited to the event.


Aims of the project

To offer science facilities to schools who usually would not have the opportunity to use the apparatus.  The success of the project relies on identifying each schools science needs and supplying them whilst providing an enjoyable learning environment.  During the fair, the success depends upon providing a judge with the good scientific knowldge to give exposure to the event and share ideas with the visitors.  To involve the wider community, we invite other visitors that do not attend the schools taking part to see the benefits of science in today's society; the press also attends.

Background and goals

The project came about after visiting numerous schools who had little to no science facilities.  Our science teachers wanted to schow children the fundamentals of 'how science works' and how it plays a crucial part in our everyday lives.  The project has been running for four years.



Transport to and from Princess Helena College

The ability for all schools to borrow scientific equipment that enables them to continue the practical work when they are back at school.  We have put together these sets as we understand it can be difficult for primary schools to fund and store this equipment and the equipment loan scheme can help overcome these issues.

The project involves three members of our teaching staff - a science teacher and two science technicians.  The sessions take place during their free lesson periods and usually last two hours.

The financial contribution from the school includes: transport to and from each school and science resources.


Pupil involvement

Aged 8-10

Boys and girls

Three independent schools are also involved; PHC girls attend the science fair too and encourage the younger pupils.


Frequency and duration

The visits to school to assess their facilities start in September.

The Eureka workshop sessions last approximately two hours, with sessions spreading from October to April.

The Eureka fair lasts for approximately 3 hours on a single afternoon in April.