English Partnership Project

Partner: Theale Green School, Reading
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Academic

Desire to create links within English departments at both Theale and Bradfield to improve the offering of extra-curricular and enrichment activities for A-Level and GCSE English students at Bradfield and Theale Green.

The project resulted in creation of English events for both schools offered to A-Level and GCSE students.

Aims of the project

Improve the provision of English enrichment activities for both Theale Green and Bradfield College students.

Provide Theale Green students with access to events and activities run within the English Department at Bradfield College.

Beneficiaries are Bradfield College and Theale Green pupils - the teaching staff at both schools will also benefit from creation of personal links.

Background and goals

The project came about when the Head of English at Bradfield College tried to identify possible activities that could be jointly offered to students from both Theale Green and also Bradfield College.

The link has been created and built upon over the last few years since Theale Green became an academy.


Hosting of several A-Level 'Revision Seminars' open to Bradfield and Theale Green pupils.

Pupil-led Sixth-Form Book Group creation for THeale Green students.

Seminar/Talk for Thelae Green GCSE students on 'How to Target an A*'

Theale Green & Bradfield College pupils invited to Lecture from author 'Louis de Bernieres'


Quantitative impact could be measured by looking at exam results for Theale Green students in English in both GCSE & A-Level to see if tere is a marked improvement in results.

Quantitative measures could also be the number of pupils from Theale Green who attended the English Enrichment Partnership

Qualitative assessment could be feedback from Theale Green teachers and students in the form of questionaire.

Pupil involvement

Bradfield College pupils involved in project

Theale Green pupils involved in project

Pupils age ranged from 15 to 18 depending on activity and year groups it was focused on.

Frequency and duration

Multiple events over the academic year

Project/Offerings of enrichment activities to be offered annually