Design Technology Coursework Support at Becket Keys Church of England Free School

Partner: Becket Keys Church of England Free School, Brentwood
Partner type: Maintained School
Project category: Design and Technology

The Headmaster of the School approached us to ask if his Head of DT could talk to our Head of DT to get a second opinion on their GCSE Coursework. A meeting was set up.

Aims of the project

To support the DT Staff with the marking of their GCSE Coursework

To increase the confidence of the DT Staff at the school

To benefit the pupils from our longer experience of marking GCSE Coursework

Background and goals

The Headmaster emailed our Headmaster. It will last approximately one month but has the potential to continue annually.


Teachers' time and availability

No use of school facilities

Teaching staff only - just one (Head of DT)

No financial contribution


Qualitative assessment according to the confidence levels of the teachers

Potential to be annual

Outcomes are better marks for the students in the future if the teachers know what to look out for.

Pupil involvement

No pupil involvement

Frequency and duration

Potential to be annual